Theodore N. deJony, Jr. began his photographic career as an advertising photographer in the New York area during the 1970's. His passion for photography can be seen in the images on display on this website which represent work produced over thirty-five years. "I find creative opportunities everywhere. My goal is to capture photographic interpretations of natural or man-made forms that reveal their unique design to me through the selective eye of the camera."

Theodore's approach draws inspiration from the masters of the past including Stieglitz, Cunningham, Weston and Adams which combines technical virtuosity and creative execution. He is also keenly aware that it takes a perfect blend of skill, patience and creativity to capture a mood in a photograph. Tranquility is profoundly evident in his images of the dunes of Cape Hatteras, the waves of sand in Death Valley, the visual sound of waterfalls in upstate New York, the sumptuous clouds above Bryce Canyon and the breathtaking acres of Idaho's Harriman Ranch. As an observant photographer, he also finds simple beauty in a spontaneous moment as seen in the image of the child at the zoo or a reflective moment during the Spring dogwood bloom. Detail and design are accentuated in deJony's dramatic compositions of architecture as well as the sensuous shape of a guitar. Color has it's place in the natural palette of Yellowstone's thermal pools or the enduring walls of green and red ivy covering a fortezza in Italy. His fine art photographs are owned by collectors throughout the United States and around the world.

Theodore N. deJony, Jr.

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